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Ten of the Top Dental Inventory Management Software Programs Reviewed

Managing inventory at a dental office can mean the difference between blowing the budget and staying on budget. Waste, expired products, lack of product, or delayed product can all stall the progress of a busy dental clinic. Every dental office needs an inventory control system and some offices are still upgrading their old paper systems for new electronic inventory systems.

We’ve rounded up ten of the most popular inventory control systems for dental offices to make your life easier!

Get organized and start saving time and money in your office with an inventory management system.

Ready? Let's go.

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A Note About Dental Inventory Management Software

While every dental office is different, they all have inventory control needs that need to be set up and managed. When choosing a dental inventory software for your organization, don’t go for all the bells and whistles just because 'you want the best'. Take the time to consider what features you need before you opt into any payment plan or service contract.

One suggestion that can really help streamline your office is to upgrade your existing systems to an all-in-one system so that all of the information you have flowing through your office can be found in one place. This makes it easy to control all aspects of the operation and plan for future growth.


Sowingo is a mobile and web-based dental inventory management platform. This platform specializes in general inventory management, implants, medications, expiration and pre-order alerts, sterilization compliance, as well as record keeping. Users can instantly access usage reports and purchasing analytics from anywhere because of the convenient cloud-based service model.

According to Sowingo, the average dental practice saves over $8,000/year by reducing the number of wasted supplies, decreasing staff hours spent counting and organizing inventory, and minimizing last-minute orders and shipping fees.

Image: Sowingo Dental Inventory Management Software

Service model: Cloud-based

Hardware/operating system requirements: Any web browser, optimized for Google Chrome

Price: Subscription-based pricing is offered in different packages: the most popular are Premium ($175) & Premium Plus ($225)

Free demo: Yes

Support: Free technical support 9:00 AM -5:00 PM EST. Support is extremely responsive and is provided via email, phone, screen sharing, and online chat.

Training: Provided over the internet and the phone (no in-person training), also via online demos and webinars

Key features:

  • Inventory Management Mobile & Web App
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sterilization & Compliance Record Keeping
  • Implants
  • Medications
  • Certifications
  • Spend & Usage Reports
  • Marketplace

Sowingo is one of the leading dental inventory systems in North America. It is hard to beat with its affordable pricing and great features. Although there is a robust support system, it is only available during peak business hours, which might not work if your office is open later than usual. Otherwise, the software package boasts easy-to-use features that go beyond just inventory control.

2. Zensupplies

Zensupplies allows dental offices to manage inventory and avoid overstocking. This software package allows your office to work with multiple suppliers, manage orders, reduce costs associated with dental supplies, track equipment, support multiple locations, and more. It is marketed to small dental practices, as well as larger healthcare complexes and distributors which helps create a two-sided market that everyone can benefit from using. A free version of the product is available without a contract to see if it is right for you and your dental practice.

Image: Zensupplies Dental Inventory Management Software Programs

Service Model: Cloud-based

Hardware/ Operating System Requirements: Any web browser, optimized for Google Chrome

Price: The Zensupplies subscriptions start at $29 a month, and there is a premium version available for $129 a month.

Free Demo: Yes, there is a free demo, as well as a video demonstrating the product on the website.

Support: There is a support section on the website where you can submit a ticket for problems. There is also an FAQ section to help you get started and troubleshoot minor issues. A chat service is also available on the website to get information quickly and easily.

Training: The free demonstration walks you through everything you need to know to get started. The website also lists tutorials as coming soon to the site to help dentists get the most out of their inventory management software package.

Key Features:

  • Reduce costs and manage inventory with ease
  • Gain access to major dental distributors and keep all information in one place
  • Build internal processes around your inventory control system
  • See and interact with analytics
  • Real-time inventory tracking from anywhere
  • Set alerts, reminders, and promotions
  • Manage invoices
  • Get dedicated support
  • Track orders and deliveries
  • Access product reviews
  • And more

If you are looking for a complete inventory package that won’t take a long time to learn, ZenSupplies might be the right solution for you. There are numerous features included in both packages, including access to real-time product reviews so you can get up-to-date information on new and emerging products that can improve the function and output of your office. Analytics also make it easy to see progress, while helping you forecast and plan across your practice. Easy access to tutorials on the website will help your dental team continue to hone their skills in inventory management.

3. ADS Solutions

ADS Solutions provides inventory control, distribution, and ordering for both medical and dental practices throughout the United States and Canada. Dental practices can benefit from a fully functional inventory control system that provides easy access to major distribution chains, as well as real-time tracking and ordering processes. Offices are able to link products and manage accounting, e-commerce, serial numbers, and more. This software can be set up on-site or in the cloud depending on your needs. A cloud-based inventory management system is great for multiple locations associated with one dental clinic, while on-site inventory control might work well for single or small offices.

Image: ADS Solutions Dental Inventory Management Software

Service Model: On-site and cloud-based

Hardware/ Operating System Requirements: Any web browser, optimized for Google Chrome

Price: We reached out to ADS Solutions for pricing as it wasn't listed on their website. Unfortunately, they declined to give us pricing and said they will only give it after speaking with a potential customer on the phone.

Free Demo: Yes, the company offers free demos which you can schedule through their website.

Support: ADS Solutions offers a full suite of support products to help make adoption and transition to a new inventory control system easy. They offer telephone support, chat, email, on-site support, and a customer zone on their website with FAQ and resources.

Training: Yes, this company offers training upon adoption, as well as access to the customer zone where you can find valuable training videos, tips, and resources for ongoing education and information.

Key Features:

  • Track inventory throughout each stage of the ordering process, delivery, and use
  • Isolate product purchases and inventory based on time/place
  • Use multiple units of measurement to determine inventories
  • Track serial numbers and lot numbers for accountability and auditing purposes
  • Create custom kits or product offerings by combining multiple products and track them in the system
  • Create replacement cost, accounting cost, average cost, and special cost sheets for extensive reference and usability

ADS Solutions offers high-quality customer support across numerous, easy access channels. The customer zone is ideal for dental clinics that want to learn how to improve inventory control and save money in the process. It’s unfortunate that pricing is not available. It may be worth the call to find out how much your clinic can save by getting a handle on inventory control.

4. Surgicare Software

Surgicare Software is marketed for both medical and specialty dental clinics that have high volumes of inventory control needs. This inventory control software is best suited for surgical offices with high volumes of patient care. Key features include preference-card maintenance, automatic alerts indicating low volume of products, and a fully customized reporting platform for dental clinics. Dentists can expect to save money by planning for inventory based on reporting. They can save time by reducing the time it takes to manually conduct inventory checks, and the information can be retrieved from anywhere using the cloud-based inventory system, which is great for multiple clinics working together.

Image: Surgicare Software Dental Inventory Management Software

Service Model: Cloud-based

Hardware/ Operating System Requirements: Any web browser, optimized for screens, tablets and mobile phones

Price: We reached out to Surgicare Software for pricing as it wasn't listed on their website. Unfortunately, they declined to give us pricing and said they will only give that after speaking with a potential customer on the phone.

Free Demo: A free demo is available. Fill out the form on the website and receive login credentials to use the demo version of Surgicare Software.

Support: Surgicare Software offers telephone and online support. You can also email the company about sales or software questions.

Training: There is a free 20-minute demonstration that walks you through the software program. Additional training is also available upon adoption.

Key Features:

  • First-in, first-out inventory control
  • Preference card tracking and maintenance of products
  • Record expiration dates and set alerts for low inventory
  • Integrate purchase orders for more control and tracking
  • Track vendors and serial numbers
  • Fully customized database for items, status, categories, usage, units, adjustment of inventory, and more

Although this inventory control software package is designed for both medical and dental offices alike, it has a lot of powerful features that can come in handy for your dental office. For example, being able to track expiration dates means that supplies won’t go bad and money isn’t wasted. Working with a variety of vendors in different locations can be tricky, but Surgicare Software makes that easy. This software is perfect for maxillofacial dental clinics or dental surgeons who order and maintain high-cost supplies on a regular basis.

5. Grasshopper Mouse

Grasshopper Mouse is the first dental inventory control system that has been created specifically for dental practices by dental professionals. This useful software package doesn’t rely on a specific platform to function, which means you can manage and control inventory from wherever you are in the world. It features automatic alerts, ordering processes, and is compatible with any vendor or supplier. Because the system is cloud-based, users are always working with the latest and greatest version of the software. Automatic updates make it easy to stay on top of your inventory needs and planning.

Image: Grasshopper Mouse Dental Inventory Management Software

Service Model: Cloud-based

Hardware/ Operating System Requirements: Any web browser on any device

Price: We reached out to Grasshopper Mouse for pricing as it wasn't listed on their website. Unfortunately, they declined to give us pricing and said they will only give that after speaking with a potential customer on the phone.

Free Demo: Yes, Grasshopper Mouse offers a free demonstration by requesting one on their website. You can also call the company or email them directly if you have questions.

Support: Ongoing support via email, telephone, and support tickets. The company provides major data updates once a year, consulting as needed, and guarantees on all their technical equipment used for inventory control.

Training: Initial training is offered at adoption, and ongoing training and consulting are available upon request.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use status tracking on orders
  • Automatic alerts for over ordering, low stock and more
  • Reporting by vendor, product, expiry date and more
  • Follow minimum and maximum levels of products
  • Warranties on all scanning equipment
  • Serial number tracking and pricing comparison
  • Compatible with any vendor
  • Package comes with two user logins, scanners, rolls of labels, analysis of product volume to set minimum and maximum status

Grasshopper Mouse offers a full suite of products to run a dental office, not just inventory control. However, the inventory management module associated with this software is really efficient and makes running an office easy. What’s great about Grasshopper Mouse is that they send you all of the equipment you need for scanning and tracking your inventory, and all of the equipment is covered under warranty. Everything you need, including training and ongoing support is just a phone call away. Dentists that adopt this software are also able to access consulting services from the parent company to help them streamline processes and procedures to save even more money and time in the office.

6. PurchaseControl

PurchaseControl focuses on reducing delays associated with inventory ordering and control. It services a number of industries across North America, but healthcare and dental are two of their top industries. Not only does PurchaseControl help dental offices get a handle on their inventory, but this software includes accounting features that allow dentists and staff to track spending and see gaps in spending. There are customized vendor lists based on location and need, and it provides the ability to have a paperless dental inventory management system.

Image - PurchaseControl Dental Inventory Management Software

Service Model: Cloud-based

Hardware/ Operating System Requirements: Any web browser, optimized for Google Chrome

Price: We reached out to PurchaseControl for pricing as it wasn't listed on their website. Unfortunately, they declined to give us pricing and said they will only give that after speaking with a potential customer on the phone.

Free Demo: Yes, you can receive a free demo through the website.

Support: Sales and service support is available by calling the company or through their website.

Training: Yes, adoption training is available by phone or email. Ongoing training is available upon request.

Key Features:

  • Fully customized inventory software solution for dental clinics
  • Tracking and ordering
  • Integrates with popular accounting software to help streamline processes and procedures
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Improves spending power
  • Real-time budgeting and reporting
  • Easy-to-use search function to find products when you need them
  • Paper trails are automatically aligned across POs, vendor receipts, and more

PurchaseControl has a lot of power to help dental clinics get and stay organized when it comes to their inventory control needs. The software is comprised of modules that allow you to piece together what you need. Although the company focuses on working with a variety of industries, they have checked a number of necessary boxes for the dental industry to be effective in their inventory management. The strengths of this software are found in the customization so that dental offices don’t waste money on features they don’t need. While other dental inventory software programs are striving to include as much as possible, PurchaseControl understands that paying for only what you need is a good way to do business.

7. Dentsoftware

Dentsoftware is one of the only “complete” dental inventory management and organizational management software packages on the market. Many software packages focus on either clinic management (appointments, reminders, files) or inventory management (tracking, ordering, vendor relations), but Dentsoftware does it all. This software breaks down the barriers that many dental clinics face and it makes the job of running a dental office easier. There are many useful features associated with this complete software package including customized databases and inventory templates. It is designed to work with any device or operating system, and you can access important information from anywhere using the cloud-based system. This software also includes financial tracking, auditing capabilities, notes, communications between staff, and more.

Image: Dentsoftware Dental Inventory Management Software

Service Model: Cloud-based

Hardware/ Operating System Requirements: Any web browser on any device

Price: We reached out to Dentsoftware for pricing as it wasn't listed on their website. Unfortunately, they declined to give us pricing and said they will only give that after speaking with a potential customer on the phone.They also offer a free trial so you can test the features before buying.;

Free Demo: Yes, there is a demo video available on the website, and you can schedule a free demo.

Support: Ongoing support is available via telephone, chat, and email.

Training: Training is available upon adoption and through the free demo

Key Features:

  • All-in-one inventory and clinic management system
  • Easy-to-use and organize information
  • Available in 18 countries worldwide
  • Suitable for small and large offices
  • Control inventory, appointments, reception, communication, and more
  • Useful for multiple clinics or growing clinics
  • Add-on modules or take them away if they don’t suit your dental clinic needs

While Dentsoftware claims to be one of the only complete dental management software packages around, it is not available in all locations. Their international operation means that support and service are available at different times of the day, and that might make dealing with an inventory emergency or questions difficult. However, the software is packed with options and features that are hard to turn away from. This software is ideal for an established dental clinic looking to streamline processes and have all of their information in one place. It’s also ideal for new clinics looking to start their business off on the right foot.

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8. MacPractice

MacPractice is a suite of dental management products that are designed for Apple computers. This software company builds comprehensive inventory and clinic management software programs, so you have everything you need all in one place. The inventory control system in this program allows you to quickly see what’s in stock and what needs to be ordered soon. It provides comprehensive information for audits and customized fields to suit your needs. You can track items used regularly and periodically based on treatments and procedures performed in the clinic. Forecasting is important to inventory control, and this software package allows you to prepare for sales and incoming inventory needs for the future. This software can be customized based on your area of specialty.

Image: MacPractice Dental Inventory Management Software

Service Model: Cloud-based and on computer

Hardware/ Operating System Requirements: Apple iPad/iPhone/iMac and Mac computers

Price: We reached out to MacPractice for pricing as it wasn't listed on their website. Unfortunately, they declined to give us pricing and said they will only give that after speaking with a potential customer on the phone.

Free Demo: Yes

Support: Ongoing support is available through the software development company via chat, email, and telephone. In some areas, on-site support is available. Check with the company to see if on-site support is available in your area.

Training: Training is available upon adoption and as needed

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use and install on Mac products
  • Compatible with the suite of Apple products including iPad and iPhone
  • Access information from anywhere using your Apple products
  • Keep everything in one place using customized, complete software package
  • Track and record inventory with ease
  • Reduce costs and waste
  • Improve inventory management by linking all aspects of operations in one system
  • Ongoing support and HIPAA compliant software

At first glance, you might not be interested in a “Mac Only” inventory control product, but this one has been around for a while. And if you use Mac products in your office you might be surprised by how well it performs and what it can do for you. Many inventory control systems are developed for Windows or web-based use, but a dedicated Mac product is something to sit up and pay attention to. Most office managers would agree that although a lot of software programs are the same, the difference is in how they are serviced.

9. PracticeDent

PracticeDent is another “complete” inventory and clinic management system for dentists. It offers a variety of useful organizational tools to keep dental offices running smoothly. PracticeDent is great for multiple dental clinics and can reduce waste between offices as well. The inventory list is fully integrated with the e-shop offered by PracticeDent, which gives you access to leading dental suppliers and vendors in your region. You can set reminders and auto alerts to let you know when it’s time to place an order, and you can track expiration dates on products as well. Integrated with up-to-the-minute business intelligence information, you can run your dental office with real-time information about stock, orders, and depleted items. Combined, these features allow for accurate forecasting and budget planning for a dental clinic.

Image: PracticeDent Dental Inventory Management Software

Service Model: Cloud-based

Hardware/ Operating System Requirements: Any web browser, optimized for Google products but works with Apple products as well.

Price: We reached out to PracticeDent for pricing as it wasn't listed on their website. Unfortunately, they declined to give us pricing and said they will only give that after speaking with a potential customer on the phone.

Free Demo: There is no demo available for this software, but you can use the Lite version of the software for free to test it out.

Support: Ongoing support and chat is available online

Training: Training information is not available on the website

Key Features:

  • Customize office management and inventory management with add-on modules and options
  • Free version of the software is available
  • Inventory control integrates with other modules to create a full picture of your operation and costs
  • Plan for budgets and growth
  • Track expiration dates and waste
  • Manage inventory without overstocking or worrying about running out of what you need most
  • Set alerts and reminders for ordering
  • Set minimum and maximum amounts

PracticeDent is a modern inventory control system that made specifically for dental offices. It is a module-based system that allows you to create the perfect office management system. Whether you only need inventory control or you want to connect all the pieces of the puzzle related to your operation, this is a great software package to do just that. Unfortunately, there isn’t training available and PracticeDent’s website doesn’t indicate if training will come in the future. You could, however, contact customer support to inquire about ongoing training or help when you are stuck with a module. The free version can probably help you learn the ropes easily, and then you can decide if you want to invest in a more robust version of the software to include inventory and more.

10. Clixon

Clixon has been around for a while and offers a customized inventory solution for dental offices in North America. This software package includes a custom catalog based on the vendors and suppliers you work with. It also gives insight into the items you regularly order to help you plan and scale your practice. You can set budgets for your supply spending and get alerts when you are nearing those limits. Use the cost center feature to determine where you can save money and how you can plan out your orders to make the most of your space and time. You’ll also get access to reports that help you make decisions about clinic management and organization. There is a small sign-up fee to get started, and the monthly payments are reasonable considering all that you are getting with this software package.

Image: Clixon Dental Inventory Management Software

Service Model: Cloud-based

Hardware/ Operating System Requirements: Any web browser on any operating system

Price: $250 to sign up and $60/month

Free Demo: There isn’t a free demo available for Clixon

Support: Basic customer service and support are available by contacting the company.

Training: Training information isn’t available on the website.

Key Features:

  • Affordable inventory control software for dental clinics
  • Great for smaller offices
  • Customized and localized vendor catalog
  • Get insight and reports on inventory use and control
  • Avoid overspending and overstocking
  • Save time and money
  • Keep track of where your money is going
  • Avoid missing expiration dates
  • See everything at a glance

Clixon is a very affordable inventory control option for dental offices. With a small startup fee of only $250, you can take a chance on getting to know this product to determine if it’s right for you. The company does not offer robust customer service, but there is some support available through the website. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information about training or whether or not there is a free demo available, but you can sign up for an account and surely get access to more information. Clixon may be better for smaller clinics that work with regional vendors because the vendor list can be uploaded based on your area and needs. Overall, you can save money by managing your inventory with Clixon.

Final Thoughts About Dental Inventory Management Software


Service model

Operating system


How easy to learn



Any (optimized for Chrome)

Premium - $125/Month

Premium Plus - $175/Month




Any (optimized for Chrome)

Starter - $29/Month

Premium - $129/Month + Setup Fee


ADS Solutions

On-site and cloud-based

Any (optimized for Chrome)


Surgicare Software


Any (optimized for screens, tablets and mobile phones)


Grasshopper Mouse






Any (optimized for Chrome)







On-site and cloud-based

Apple iPad/iPhone/iMac and Mac computers




Any (optimized for Google products but works with Apple products as well.)





$60/month + $250 Down Payment


It’s best to pay attention to regional options when purchasing inventory software for your dental office. Some of these software products are not available in all countries, and it can be difficult to get on-site support depending on where you are located. Make sure to call or email the company to get all of your questions answered before committing to an inventory control system. Talk to as many software companies as you need to in order to find the one that is right for you. Once you are set-up, you’ll notice savings, including time and money savings. A good software company will check in on you periodically to see how the system is working for you, so look for a platform that provides excellent customer service and support. You don’t want to find yourself without help when you need it most. Check out each of those dental inventory software packages and start getting your dental office organized and more efficient today.

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