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How to Setup Google My Business in 5 Easy Steps

Follow These 5 Steps to Properly Set Up Your Google My Business Account

Google Places (Now called Google My Business) is a local businesses’ SEO sidekick. If you’ve got much of a web presence at all, there’s a very good chance you’re listed in Google search results. But are you ranked well, or buried toward the bottom of queries for your own name?


Studies have found that 76% of consumers use search to connect with local businesses. 92% of their clicks will go to a result on the first page, and 61.5% of search users will land on a page listed in the top three. Google Places gives you the opportunity to dramatically increase the visibility of your local business with clear contact information and visual content.

In addition to the fact you’ll be useful information to local prospects, additional benefits of deciding to setup Google Places include:

  • Visually-appealing, prominent search content
  • The ability to post photos, videos, and special deals
  • An additional link to your website

Ready to get started? Here’s a simple tutorial on how to setup Google Places and optimize your profile in 5 very simple steps:

1. Setup Your Google My Business Page

To get started, you’ll need a Gmail account you’re comfortable using for Google My Business. It doesn’t need to be clearly connected to your business, since you’ll be asked to verify your listing later in the setup process. Ensure you’re signed into this address and out of any other Google accounts you use, and head to Google’s official Places website. Once you get there, click “get started for free.”

2. List Your Business

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be prompted to enter your company’s primary phone number. Google will retrieve any existing contact information they have on your business,

During this stage of the process, you’ll be asked to add or verify the following forms of contact information:

  • Physical Address
  • Primary Email Address
  • Business Description
  • Website URL
  • Up to 5 Business Categories

Your business description should be rich with keywords that your prospects use to find your company in search, but written in a tone that’s human-friendly. Remember, this is actually some of the most important content you’ll write when you setup Google My Business, because it’s what appears in search

The most important factor here is accurately describing your business in an enticing way. Write something that people can’t help but click on!

3. Verify Your Listing

To prove that your company is actually reachable at the contact information you’ve provided, Google will ask you to verify your information using one of the following methods:

  • Phone Call
  • Text Message
  • Post Card

Regardless of which method you choose, your contact information must match what you’ve added to your budding Google My Business profile. It’s faster to choose a phone call or text message, but you’ll receive a pin in a maximum of 2-3 weeks, which you’ll input directly into your Google My Business account in order to get verified.

4. Optimize Your Profile with Quality Visual Content

Once you’ve verified your business listing, you’re free to optimize your presence with original content. You can add up to 10 photos and 5 YouTube videos free of charge. Be sure to include high-res, high-quality images that reflect well on your brand, and display your people and products in the best possible light. Humans are highly visual, and images are processed 60,000 times faster than text. There’s a good chance that a thumbnail of your pictures will be the first thing people notice when they Google your company, so be sure the images look fantastic when displayed at any size.

5. Monitor Your Profile

Optimization isn’t all it takes to successfully setup Google places! Keep your profile fresh by adding deals and discounts, and closely monitor your reviews score. The average score of your customer feedback is one of the most visible factors in search, and gaining too many low ratings can negatively affect your brand’s ability to win new customers:

While it’s highly unethical (and against most review site’s terms of service) to pay for false, positive reviews, it’s certainly not against the rules to ask your most loyal customers to share their thoughts. Reach out to your brand’s promoters, and ask them to share their honest thoughts on your service.


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