8 Ways that I Create Content and You Can Too

For the past few months, I have been working on ways that I can provide more value, and reach more people looking for help.


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Those of you that are regular visitors to the site know that I work primarily with healthcare professionals (doctors, dentists, counselors, etc), helping them get online with an amazing effective dental website, and to start getting a consistent flow of visitors to their website.

I am a firm believer in Content Marketing. For those not familiar with this term, it simply means marketing through content.

Education. Teaching. Providing value.

"But Tyson, I thought you did SEO?"

"SEO, done right, is a byproduct of content marketing." (Thanks Marcus for the wise words)

Here's the deal. So, how do I create content for my followers?

1. I have a healthcare blog on this very website which I update on a consistent basis.

2. I've put together a number of resources that visitors to my site can download for free.


3. I participate regularly in social media...

including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and others. I also have created multiple groups on LinkedIn like this one for healthcare professionals, and this one for Utah Business owners.

4. I guest blog on healthcare industry blogs (just one example) as well as SEO industry blogs.

5. I wrote a book on online marketing...

which is perfect for a doctor or other healthcare provider who is looking to get online and establish his or her presence.

6. I have a YouTube channel...

that I produce videos on answering questions and expounding on topics related to online marketing for doctors.

7. I post powerpoint presentations on Slideshare.

8. And now, I'm adding a podcast to that.

Why is that? Why am I creating all this content? Easy.

To educate.

To inform.

To provide value.

If somebody finds me through the content I put out, awesome. If they then decide they want to do business with me, fantastic!

But what if they don't? Not a problem. At least I provided value and gave information that they can use to to grow their business.

You see, I like what I do. I love sharing the knowledge that I have, and improving my craft.

Seeing somebody take the ideas and content that I provide and implement them into their practice, and seeing them succeed is truly awesome. Like totally awesome.

As a doctor/dentist/counselor, whatever you are, you can do this same thing. You can implement a similar content marketing strategy if appropriate.

Marketing through content will allow you to share the knowledge you've accumulated throughout your career and will allow you to build up credibility and authority that you may not have been able to otherwise. It will ultimately open up doors that were previously closed.

Tell me, what type of content marketing do you do? How is it working for you?

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